Risk Assessment for the 5x5x5, a cross country 5k race series which consists of 5 races between April and August.

  • This event is not suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Risks due to users:
  • Risks due to other factors:
  • Before the start of each race there will be a briefing describing the potential hazards.
  • Someone will check the course before the event.
  • There is a description of the route on the home page of the event plus photographs taken at very frequent intervals, and even a film taken in 2012.

    Scale of risks

    HazardCommentProbability of occurringConsequenceRisk
    Before each race the risks likely to be encountered will be announced to the runners.
    WalkersHopefully they will applaud the runnersVery unlikely that any will be encountered LowAcceptable
    Motor VehiclesNone NoneNo impactNo risk
    CyclistsVery unlikelyLowLow impactNegligible
    Wooden bridgesCould be slippery if wetdepends on the weather May need medical attentionAcceptable
    Tripping, rabbit holes and badger setts This is a multi terrain event which passes around fields and over meadows It is believed to be a low probabilityPossibly a twisted ankleAcceptable
    Overhanging foliageBrambles, low branchesUnlikelyLow impactNegligible
    LivestockHorses, sheep and cattle. Should cause no problem Low impactNegligible
    Haymaking machinesMay be present during July and AugustCan be present at any time, day or night Large enough, they should be easily visibleAcceptable

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