White Horse Relay

Pewsey White Horse

Stage 5 - Pewsey to Upavon

About 7.1 miles

The route is mainly along Bridleways and Byways.

Route - (Select Satellite view) and here is a Word File for easy printing (thanks to Carl Zalek)

The start is at the North End of Ball Road, near the crossroads with it, High Street, Milton Road and Hollybush Lane. - SU 168 603

Car Parking. There is no recommended parking place at the start of this stage but it should be possible to park in any of the nearby streets. Don't park on any of the double yellow lines.

Start here.

Run down the road towards Southcott.

Keep left along Southcott Road. Take care,
when we passed the road was closed to motor
vehicles but still had pedestrian access.


At the end of the road (at Southcott)

you will see a bridge ahead.

Do not take the bridleway under the bridge.

Follow the road to the right

into Green Drove.

HAYMAKING. Beware of large tractors

on this lane.

At the next junction turn left.


Go round the gate (on the right)

Green Drove
You can see the White Horse on the hill from here.

Continue through the stile
to the top of the White Horse.

Those who have run the Terminator will recognize this spot.

From the top, the view ...

... looking back, over the White Horse.

Continue to the stile.

Follow the little path

at the edge of the field

to the next stile.

Take extreme care joining

this road (Everleigh Road). Turn left

and obey the marshals' instructions.

Continue over the brow of the hill,

past this sign (and stile) on the left.

(Ignore the first turning on the right)

Cross the road when advised

that it is safe, by a marshal.

Turn right along the gravel track



as it becomes more grassy


Green Drove
past the fields of pigs on the left.



Another track passes your route,

continue straight ahead,

until you come to a junction.

(If you go 5 yards too far you will see this sign)

Bear right.

Follow the tracks


between the bushes.


(To the left, you will see this view.)

The track bears slightly left ...

Continue straight on

between the trees.



you come

to a major road.

Bear right ...

... right ...

and continue along the grassy track

which is parallel to the road(s)




When you come to a junction

continue straight ahead.

The main track bears left, but keep straight ahead.

On your left you will see a small derelict tower.

Continue straight ahead

past the army encampment.


you come to a golf course.

Run along the edge of the golf course



You are

about to

turn left


along this

grassy path.

You are strongly advised to recce this route in advance, you could easily miss this turning. If you were to continue you would see these views in front of you ...

You would have

gone too far.

If you saw these go back, it's not far.

This is the route you should be following ...



The slope


to go downhill.


Go through the gate

and continue straight down

When I passed

sheep were

grasing on the field to the right.

Now it begins to get

a bit overgrown

and you are

surrounded by trees.




until you see a building in front of you.

Turn left here on to Vicarage Road.


to the

main road (Andover Road).

Turn right here and stay on the footpath,

over the footbridge

and the finish is at

the garage (Murco Garage).

Some of the photographs were graciously supplied by Martin Indge

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