White Horse Relay

Cherhill White Horse

The Glory Leg - Cherhill to The White Horse Inn

About 2 miles

The route is mainly along a tracks and country lanes.

Route - (Select Satellite view) and here is a Word File for easy printing (thanks to Carl Zalek)

The start is half way down Park Lane at the edge of the village of Cherhill.

The start is a bit further down Park Lane.
There is limited parking on the road.

Start here and run down park Lane

Keep following the road straight on
and ignore the turning on the left

Continue along park lane down the hill

until you see the by-way sign at the

bottom of the hill and turn right.

Follow the by-way.


By the next sign post take a left

and continue along the by-way.

Climb up the hill following the by-way.





At the top of the hill the main by-way
turns right, continue on the by-way.

They take security seriously around here.


The by-way is open to cycles, runners, horses
and ...err... similar vehicles.

Look for the

bridal way sign on the side of the path.
At this point turn left.

Follow the road to a bridleway cross roads sign

and continue straight on.

Shortly after this there are

some trees on the left followed by a style.

Cross the stile.

Follow straight on just to the right

of the barn.

Follow the track straight on and it becomes

a sunken lane.

Continue down the lane.

At one point there are two side lanes but

ignore these and carry on down the main track.

The surface is not that even

in some places on this lane.

At the bottom of the lane continue to a road.

The finish of his stage is just before the road.

The White Horse Inn

is just a bit further

down the road.

Run another virtual stage

Recce'd and photographed by Dave, to whom many thanks

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